70s at Sunset


Weeknights from 6pm, it's all 70's, on ZINC.

We're bringing back the classic 70's, from Status Quo to Saturday Night Fever.


Countdown was on TV, Apollo 13 was heading to the moon, Nixon was President, Billie Jean King was on top of the tennis world, Apple Mac released its first new computer and Stretto was celebrating his 21st birthday.

Dave Stretton is the retro king who presents 70’s at Sunset.

Stretto’ is a Countdown kid who has been in radio since the mid 1980’s.  He started his radio career in Toowoomba and has since travelled the country over the years playing the songs that we all grew up with.  Whether it was the blue light disco, brekky radio, the night club or late nights on air , Stretto’ plays the songs you remember from way back then.

Don’t miss 70’s at Sunset with Stretto’, weeknights from 6pm, on ZINC.

Can you pick which one he is?


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